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April 2024 EnergyWise Tip: Light Switches

    April 2024 EnergyWise SM Tip: Light Switches   By: Energy Efficiency Program Manager Cory Fuehrer   In June of 1752, Benjamin Franklin and his son, William, conducted the famous kite-in-a-thunderstorm experiment to demonstrate the relationship between lightning and electricity. By attaching the kite to a Leyden jar, which was an early type of . . .

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Zoom - City Council Meeting meeting - April 10, 2024

  David City City Council Meeting Video-Conference Instructions and Guidelines Thank you for participating in the David City City Council meeting via Zoom Meeting. Below are instructions and guidelines. Since technology always seems to have its challenges, we ask for patience and understanding.   Please familiarize yourself with Zoom prior to the meeting. You can test your microphone . . .

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Sparq Meeting for the Public

  To access the City Council meeting on the Sparq Data website please use the link below: https://meeting.sparqdata.com/Public/Organization/1969  

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Zoom - Planning Commission- April 13, 2024 Video/Teleconferencing

“Anyone who wishes to attend the Planning Commission meeting virtually (instead of being physically present) may do so one of two ways via Zoom:   Join via computer or smart device using the link   Link to join: hhttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/88666755679?pwd=a3F6aGwxOGdpeXFOVWpKL3NBL1pvdz09   Invite Link         . . .

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David City Rural Workforce Housing Fund

Housing Loan Funds Available   The David City Development Corporation has secured funding to establish a loan fund for Builders/Contractors/Developers to access housing development financing in David City.  The loan fund is part of the State of Nebraska’s Rural Workforce Housing Fund program.  These funds are a revolving loan fund with a below market interest rate to help with the development of new . . .

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Downtown Revitalization Grant

  Downtown Revitalization Grant Program

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January 2024 EnergyWise Tip: Icicles

January 2024 EnergyWiseSM Tip: Icicles By: Energy Efficiency Program Manager Cory Fuehrer Can you think back to your childhood and remember the "magic" of icicles? While growing up in a century-old farm house, I remember wintry "No School" days when my mom would bundle me up in so many layers of sweatshirts, coats and overalls that I could barely move. Then, I'd waddle outside and start my polar . . .

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Downtown & Off Street Parking

Are you aware of the parking regulation for residential areas? Per Ordinance No. 509 – Passed January 28, 1976 – Section 2 – Parking: Time Limit. It was declared unlawful that any residents of the Municipality to park such vehicles on the roadway surface of the public streets in the residential area between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 7: 00 am. Did you know you could be paying a . . .

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2023 Occupation Tax Report

City of David City Occupation Tax Annual Report 9-30-2023 (Pursuant to LB 445, 2019)     Beer and Liquor       Amount:  $2,250.00       Fund:  General       Purpose:  To pay for General Fund operating expenses. . . .

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